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Methodology – The Operating Model

The key function that Aspire TDG uses in order to achieve its objectives is to work with top management figures in the workplace to enhance the ways how skills can be built upon. These include long-term skills that may be utilized for years to come.

The basic approach used for the organization’s systems entails an operating model. This utilizes five different steps:

  1. All people in the workplace are segmented into a series of groups or tiers based on their duties, their experiences and anything else that might influence what they need to learn.
  1. Each group is analyzed with regards to the skill sets that they require in order to be successful in their fields.
  1. A skills matrix tracking plan is created for all employees. The skills that are listed will vary based on the current skills that people have and what they are trying to learn.
  1. An Annual Training Plan will be added to the program. This is a full schedule of how training will go based on who is being taught what.
  1. A Quarterly Skills Advancement Session will be held four times a year between the project leaders, managers and all higher-ups in the workplace.

This process is utilized to measure the skills that must be taught and to create clear definitions of what has to be included.

Methodology – Delivering Knowledge

The knowledge delivery process is a key part of the methodology that comes with what Aspire TDG does. There are six steps that are used in this particular method:

  1. An employee will receive an electronic note stating when training is expected and when it will be scheduled in particular.
  1. The employee will then have to respond to this notification electronically as a means of confirming that the message was received.
  1. A case study or questionnaire will be sent to that employee prior to the training session. This is utilized to prepare the employee for training and to figure out what must be studied next.
  1. The theory that the employee is to learn about will be introduced on the first day of training.
  1. All case studies are then discussed with the participants. This is to ensure that the people will understand what is going on in the training process and that they are fully aware of what they are working with.
  1. The employee’s comprehension relating to the case study and other points examined in the training process will be examined through an electronic test. This is to identify what a person understands about a particular system, thus allowing the business to figure out how much instruction a person needs.

This process is utilized to make sure the right information is being given out to the participant. This will enhance the process of studying and administering the instructional data that participants require.